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    Worship Gatherings are at 11am on Sundays

    100 Emerson Drive NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907

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Safe to Stand
05/15/2016 |
We've all seen sinkholes on the road, but have you ever thought of them as a metaphor for our culture, or even as what sometimes occurs in our personal lives? It looks good on the surface, but something is slowly eroding the interior, and it can't hold the weight of all that's sitting on top of it. And when you put enough weight down, you're left with a crumbling hole in your life. But God gives us things that are solid to stand on. Listen as Pastor Jim lists what some of those things are and teaches us where it is safe for us to stand and to set our foundation on. Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/events/34272
Children are From Him and For Him
Jim Campbell |
05/08/2016 |
Today is the day each year that we take a moment to thank God for what He has given us in our mothers. I know sometimes the weight of your role in our homes can feel enormous. Whether you are a single mom, a married mom, a divorced mom, empty-nester mom or just a totally exhausted mom at this moment, we want you to feel encouraged with truth today. No matter what you do, in whatever variation/station of the role of Mom that you are in, it is all highly valuable to the Lord and to those around you. Listen as Pastor Jim explains the great responsibility we all have when it comes to the children, and even family and friends who surround us every day, who can learn from the wisdom Christ has given us. Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/events/30955
Where You Can Rest - Verified Series
Bob Lorenzo |
05/01/2016 |
Do you ever feel not just tired, but a weariness that goes deep into your bones? Are you tired of trying so hard to meet everyone’s expectations? God already did it all for you. He wants us just as we are, and he wants us to rest in Him. In this part of our Verified Series, listen as special guest speaker Pastor Bob Lorenzo explains how we can rest in who Jesus is right now, here with us, and in all that he’s done for us, and even our futures. Rest for your soul begins with faith in Jesus. Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/events/26841
Investigating His Identity - Verified Series
Jim Campbell |
04/24/2016 |
We use a lot of phrases about our identity, “I’m going to find myself,” “What’s my purpose in life?” “What should I be doing?” What do you do when you get your identity stolen? Sin stole our identities and we, as Christians, should look back to Christ to find our identity. Identity was important in Jesus’ time as well, and now we still face the issue of verifying Jesus’ identity both as a man, and as God. In this part of our “Verified” Series, listen as Pastor Jim explains what does NOT define our identity, and how we can find what does through three practical truths. Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/events/26841
Amazing Miracles and the Man Who Did Them Pt 2 - Verified Series
Jim Campbell |
04/10/2016 |
All pain, all hurt, all damage, in your life and mine, originally comes from sin. Sometimes the pain and hurt we feel is from the collective effects of sin on our world, and the combined ripple of millions of people making wrong choices everyday. Our world is a convoluted mess of sin and the only answer is Jesus. And people don’t want to believe it, because they think it’s too good to be true, and the stories written about him must be inaccurate. In this second part of our series, we’re talking about verifying who Jesus is and what he can do to change the effects of sin on our lives. Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/events/16642
Amazing Miracles and the Man Who Did Them Pt 1 - Verified Series
Jim Campbell |
04/03/2016 |
So many things are questioned about Jesus. For thousands of years, we've had eye-witness accounts of verified prophecies, the odds of which make it veritably impossible for Him to be anything but who He says He is. In this part of our study through Matthew's account, the writer lays out the case for why Jesus is who He says He is, and as a bonus, we'll look at some of the reasons that the evidence pronounces Jesus as "Verified"! Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/events/12709
I am the Resurrection and the Life
Jim Campbell |
03/27/2016 |
Have you ever felt this way: you can’t put your finger on it, but something is just not right, no matter how “right” something seems. That is the effect of sin and death in our lives. Our sin is a condition that affects every aspect of our lives. But there is a solution. The Resurrection of Jesus is not an event. The Resurrection and the Life is a continuous state that you can live in. Listen as Pastor Jim explains in his special Easter message how the Resurrection is relevant to every moment of our lives, and our continuous salvation, even for those who have trusted Christ as our Savior. Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/events/8340
Two Ways to Live - The Talk Series
Jim Campbell |
03/20/2016 |
"Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit." That verse may sound like common sense, but it's proof of how we are living as Christians, and whether or not we're truly following God. If we are, others will see the good fruit in the changes in our lives. In this last part of our series on "The Talk We Can't Stop Talking About," pastor Jim compares the story of the wise and foolish men who built their house on sand or rocks, and shows how we can be like the wise man. Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/events/4383
Speck Removal Service - The Talk Series
Jim Campbell |
03/13/2016 |
We’ve all heard someone say the phrase: “Don’t judge me.” It’s used in all types of contexts, from joking to heated debates, and even incorrectly, because the problem is, many people don’t understand what this phrase really means. Was Jesus really saying that we can’t evaluate the actions of someone else, whether they’re right or wrong? In this part of our series about “The Talk We Can’t Stop Talking About,” Pastor Jim explains the most misquoted, misunderstood verse in this whole passage of the book of Matthew. Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/e/2PXr
Treasure, Trust, and Tomorrow - The Talk Series
03/06/2016 |
Did you ever think that how you spend your money says a lot about how much you do (or don’t) trust God? We can easily be pressured into believing that our security is in the size of our savings account, or we worry constantly about how to get out of debt or bills and forget to give back to God. God promised that he knows our needs, and will take care of them. We just need to seek him and his kingdom first. Listen as Pastor Jim explains how for many of us, the problem isn’t the amount of money or possessions we do or don’t have, but what we seek. Sermon Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/572325
Religion that God Rewards - The Talk Series
Jim Campbell |
02/28/2016 |
The Pharisees were famous for showing off, especially when they were praying or doing anything that God would have rewarded. But because they did things to show off, they missed out on those heavenly rewards. They didn’t understand the concept Matthew teaches in chapter 5: “when you…” do things in secret (praying, giving to those in need, etc.), God will be the one to reward you. Listen as Pastor Jim explains more about what it means to do things in secret (does that mean we have to hide from everyone? What happens if someone sees or finds out?), and how we should pray and do the righteous things God has called us to practice. Sermon Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/569700
Upping the Ante: What Jesus Expects of Us - The Talk Series
Jim Campbell |
02/21/2016 |
Our society is littered with rules-rules for paying taxes, learning to drive, playing sports. It can all be a little overwhelming, and it was much worse for Jews in Jesus’ time. They had hundreds of laws about everything from what they could eat to how far they were allowed to walk on certain days! When Jesus talked about rules, he made things simpler, and more challenging at the same time by upping the ante on living for God. Listen as Pastor Jim explains what “upping the ante” is really all about, and reveals a promise of what you will become rather than the rules you need to keep. Sermon Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/567202
All About Love
Jim Campbell |
02/14/2016 |
Our culture has a lot of opinions about love, especially what it should look like. But more important is what the Bible has to say about it. Jesus was the perfect example of what our love for each other should look like. Learn how to follow follow Christ's example and to truly love ALL of the people in your life in this special Valentine's Day message by Pastor Jim Campbell, featuring a special, hilarious song-guessing game. Sermon Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/564640
Blessed in the Broken Places - The Talk Series
Jim Campbell |
02/07/2016 |
Have you ever read something that impacted you, stuck with you? Maybe a phrase or a quote that drives you. As someone who tries to develop meaningful messages every week, those of us to teach, speak, write and create hope to garner a little piece of someone's mind to effect them for the better. What if what you said became a part of establishing kingdoms, creating historical art, and shaping entire cultures and almost 2000 years after it was said, people were still quoting it regularly, whether they truly believed or understood it at all? That would be the Sermon on the Mount that Jesus gave in Matthew 5-7. All over social media and water coolers and sports practices and government buildings, when the conversation gets past the weather, its not uncommon for something from these two chapters in the Bible to come up. It's simply the greatest talk ever given and there were no speech writers or manuscripts or teleprompters or videos...just a guy who sat down one day and started to talk. Today we are starting with how God uses the broken places and times of our lives to bless us and make us more like him. Listen as Pastor Jim explains how. Sermons Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/562092
Two Words that Could Change Your Life - Arrival Series
Steve Poteat |
01/31/2016 |
Jesus said to his disciples “Follow Me.” In this last part of our "Arrival: The King is Here" sermon series, guest speaker Steve Poteat discusses what it means to be a disciple of Christ, and how to think and live as He did, so that we too, can be "fishers of men." Sermon Notes: m.youversion.com/events/559217
Tempted in the Desert - Arrival Series
Jim Campbell |
01/24/2016 |
After fasting 40 days and nights in the desert, Jesus was tempted by Satan three different times. Each of these temptations represents the types of temptations that we still face every day. Temptation is inevitable for every one of us, every day that we continue to live on this earth. But Jesus demonstrated the way out, and even how to get back up after failure. Listen as Pastor Jim uses Jesus’ example to demonstrate how we can overcome temptation, even if it has defeated us before in our past. Sermon Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/557134
And So It Begins - Arrival Series
Jim Campbell |
01/17/2016 |
Repentance is about a redirection, baptism is about a beginning. Have you every wondered what the big deal is about baptism, and why or when we should be baptized? Listen as Pastor Jim answers some common questions about baptism, and how it is a symbol of our repentance as Christians. Sermon Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/554622
The Light of our Lives
Jim Campbell |
01/03/2016 |
You may have heard the biblical sayings that Christians are to be “the light of the world” or “the salt of the earth.” But what does that mean in a practical sense? How am I to be salty, and why would Jesus want that? Listen as Pastor Jim explains these metaphors, and how we can give glory to God by obeying these commands. Sermon Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/547231
Celebrating a Holy Holiday
Adam Draffin |
12/27/2015 |
You might think it strange to look at the book of Leviticus when thinking about the New Year, but the truth is, the Jewish festivals discussed in this part of the Bible are a great example for us. At each of the festivals, the Jews would look back on the past year, reflect on their choices, and use what they had learned to try to live better in the coming year. In his special New Year's sermon, listen as Adam explains how we can learn from Jewish example to seek God and better understand Him and His will for our lives in the coming year. Sermon notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/547222
The Wise Men: The Men who Worshiped Jesus - Matthew's Men of Christmas
Jim Campbell |
12/20/2015 |
The Wise Men are commonly-known characters of the Christmas story, but most people probably have a wrong perception about them. The wise men probably didn’t arrive at the manger, and it was very likely Jesus wasn’t even a tiny baby anymore when they got to him. But the wise men are an extremely important illustration about what our reaction to Jesus should be. In this part of our Christmas 2015 series, Matthew’s Men of Christmas, listen to what the wise men’s gifts can teach us, and how it can change our priorities, decisions, and direction in life. Sermon Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/545591
Herod: The Man Who Tried to Kill Jesus - Matthew's Men of Christmas Series
Jim Campbell |
12/13/2015 |
The Christmas story is a timeless story about an event that changed the course of human history. While it centers on the birth of Jesus, there are characters who played vital roles in shaping the rich communication, lessons and deeply intricate message of Christ's birth that we celebrate each year. In this series, we see the subtle truths and meanings for our daily lives that are hidden in the stories of "Matthew's Men of Christmas." Sermon Notes: http://www.a.youversion.com/events/543593
Why Do We Go?
Jim Campbell |
12/06/2015 |
Missions are an important part of the Christian responsibility. But many of us have never taken part in missions, for a variety of reasons. However, all of us need to be sharing the Gospel of Christ, not just with those around us, but as far out as God calls us to-in our county, our country, or even the world. Because no one can go everywhere, everyone must go somewhere. Sermons Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/541234
Where Are the Nine?
Scott Wilson |
11/29/2015 |
Would you consider yourself a thankful person? There’s a big difference between saying “Thank you,” and being a thankful person. Our Melbourne campus Pastor Scott explains what being a thankful person means, and the specific blessings that can come from it. Listen as he illustrates how Jesus healed 10 men of a disease, but only one was truly thankful, and how we can be the same.
The Value of Healing
Jim Campbell |
11/15/2015 |
Most of us don’t like pain, and depending on the level, many of us would do almost anything to end it. But what does God have to say about pain and healing? Is there value to be placed on suffering? Listen as Pastor Jim, using the example of a man called Naaman and his horrible leprosy, teaches us what healing is really about, and what it can do for our souls as well as our bodies. Sermon Notes: http://bible.com/e/2F2A
God is Majestic - God on God Series
Jim Campbell |
11/08/2015 |
What usually comes to mind when you think of the word majesty? Is it a beautiful landscape? Or an athlete performing seemingly impossible feats? God is majestic, and His beauty is impressive. More than that, God’s majesty can’t even be compared to anything on earth, because He alone is perfect. In this last part of our God on God series, listen as Pastor Jim describe show majestic God is that we should be in awe of Him all the time, and how that can lead us to live joyful lives as we rest in the peace that comes with knowing perfect beauty. Sermon Notes: http://www.a.youversion.com/events/531985
God is Good, Merciful and Gracious - God on God Series
Jim Campbell |
11/01/2015 |
God is good. If you’ve been to church often, you’ve heard that expression before. But God’s goodness goes deeper than you may realize. He is the source of all good, and everything He does is good. And God’s goodness is also connected to his mercy and grace. Listen as Pastor Jim explains the difference between God’s mercy and grace, how good God is, and how much better our lives can be once we understand his goodness. Sermon Notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/529497
God is Wrathful, Just, and Righteous - God on God Series
Jim Campbell |
10/25/2015 |
When we talk about wrath of God, or God’s justice, it’s usually associated with anger, or taken as a joke. God isn’t vindictive and cruel, that’s not His nature, when we see Him respond to that which is against His nature...that is wrath. The problem for us in understanding God’s wrath, is trying to compare it to our own anger. Listen as Pastor Jim uses that book of Nahum from the Old Testament to explain how God’s wrath, justice, and righteousness are all connected, and how we can better understand this often misunderstood and misrepresented characteristic of a holy God. Sermon notes: http://m.youversion.com/events/527043
God is love - God on God series
Jim Campbell - Chad and Amy Lyon |
10/18/2015 |
"God is love." This phrase is probably used as much in conjunction with God as any other we'll cover during this series...but do we get what it truly means and the life-changing gravity it applies to our everyday lives. In this study, we'll look at what God has said about love and what it is and what it is not. The answers might just surprise you.
God is All-Knowing - God on God Series
Jim Campbell |
10/04/2015 |
God is all-knowing. He knows our thoughts, our hearts, our actions, even before we do them. So what do we do with that? How can knowing that free us from worry, from fear, and help us to make better decisions for the future? Listen as Pastor Jim explains in this part of our God on God Series, that God knows everything about us, and loves us anyway, and how we can honor him and find rest in his knowledge. Sermon notes: http://bible.com/e/2BB1
God is Almighty and Sovereign - God on God Series
Jim Campbell |
09/27/2015 |
Have you ever absolutely KNOWN something to be true? Would you say that every time that you were asked that it is true...yet you acted as if it wasn’t? In a lot of ways, this characteristic of God that we are looking at this morning, is one of the places where we have the hardest time putting the actions into what we say we believe. God is all-powerful and in control. Listen as Pastor Jim preaches from the book of Jeremiah about how we can not only know that God is all-powerful, but how we can live as if we really BELIEVE that it’s true, and how that truth will change the way we live. Sermon Notes: http://www.a.youversion.com/events/517155
God is Eternal and Unchanging - God on God Series
Steve Poteat |
09/20/2015 |
Everyone has opinions, even about God. But we don’t have to rely on other’s opinions about God, or use those to define Him. The Bible teaches us the irrefutable truth about who God is. Two of those aspects we’re discussing in this sermon are that God is Eternal, and God is Unchanging. In this continuation of our God on God series, we’ll look at the book of Psalms to explain these truths to us, and how we can put our faith in them, and in God, no matter what our history or circumstances might be. Sermon Notes are available here: http://m.youversion.com/events/514468
Making God in Our Own Image - God on God Series
Jim Campbell |
09/06/2015 |
We live in a world of opinions, and everyone has an opinion about God. We want a God we can define, and when we try to round off God’s edges and remove what the Bible says about God, we end up creating a god who’s really more like us. We make a god who won’t get in our way, or make us stop what we’re doing that’s wrong, and also create a God who isn’t big enough to help us. But that’s not who the Bible says God is. In this first part of our God on God Series, we look at who the Bible says God is, and how much bigger and better than us He is. Listen as Pastor Jim preaches the truth about God, and not just an opinion.
A Church on Fire - Empowered Series
Jim Campbell |
08/30/2015 |
There are 4 types of people you will meet in the world in regards to the Holy Spirit. The last type is what we as Christians should be: those who are Empowered by the spirit. What are some of the signs of a people on fire for God? Listen as Pastor Jim explains what it means to be a “Church on Fire,” driven by the Holy Spirit and the exciting things that will happen in our world as a result.
Quenching the Spirit: Sin in the Camp - Empowered Series
Jim Campbell |
08/23/2015 |
If the Holy Spirit is so great...why do we sometimes miss or ignore what He is telling us to do? Sometimes, we’re afraid of Him not coming through and sometimes we’re afraid of Him showing up. So many times God gives us directive at a specific moment, and if we don’t follow it, we are setting up defeat. Because the Holy Spirit knows the future and can see it more comprehensively, he can do amazing things with us when we obey. So what do you do when the Spirit is quenched? Listen as Pastor Jim teaches us how to respond to the Holy Spirit.
Wisdom about Aging - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
07/26/2015 |
How do some people age well? Have you ever asked yourself that? Or have you ever been shamed for being too young, or too old, to do something, to understand something, or to remember something? In Ecclesiastes, Solomon shares wisdom on aging, and especially that it’s good to be alive. Listen as Pastor Jim explains how no matter how long we live, there is value in every day that God gives us—no matter the circumstances of that life.
Wisdom about Work - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
07/12/2015 |
Only 30% of the people in a Gallup poll of 150,000 people admitted that they actually enjoy their jobs and the people they work with. Most people are actively disengaged in their jobs. Fifty percent of people show up for work, but are not inspired to be there. There are reasons for this displeasure that date back thousands of years. In the book of Ecclesiastes, written by Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, we learn that work is a ministry. Listen as Pastor Jim explains how our work should look like the gospel of Christ, and that should change how and why we work.
The Emptiness of Power and Politics - Life Over the Sun Series
Adam Draffin |
07/05/2015 |
It can be frustrating to look at the state of our (or any) government and political leaders, but our frustration is nothing new. In the book of Ecclesiastes, written thousands of years ago, even King Solomon realized that there is emptiness in government, if we look at it from a worldly point of view. This is because society’s problems are rooted in sin, and the only solution is Jesus, not politics. Listen as our guest speaker Adam Draffin tells us how we can deal with our world’s politics, through the example of Jesus, who didn’t come to establish a kingdom here, or to overthrow regimes, but to overthrow the dictatorship of sin in the human heart.
Life Isn't Fair - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
06/28/2015 |
How many times have you heard or said the phrase, “Life isn’t fair”? Do you ever wonder why, or wish there was something you could do about it? In this part of our “Life Over the Sun Series,” Pastor Jim explains just how far this unfairness extends, and where it came from. He also explains what we can do about life’s injustices, and how, when it comes to our relationship with God, unfairness is actually a benefit for us.
The Greatest Gift a Father Gave - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
06/21/2015 |
The whole reason we have the book of Ecclesiastes is because Solomon’s father taught him to value wisdom. Fathers are extremely important, as is the role they play. But today’s message is not just for fathers. It’s for everyone. Whatever situation you’re in, the message for every person from Proverbs is that “Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!” Solomon valued wisdom highly, and Ecclesiastes is full of reasons why wisdom is so important. Listen as Pastor Jim explains how we can gain and use that wisdom right now, no matter our current circumstances.
Why Are We Here?
Jim Campbell |
06/14/2015 |
“Why are we here?” As humans, as Christians, as a church body-sometimes we wonder this. It’s to answer some of these life changing questions for those who don’t personally know Christ. There are some people who have lost the capacity to believe in the grace of God to reach them where they are because of something they’ve done. But the truth that we want to share is that you can’t find the place that is out of the grace of God. Other people are overwhelmed by all the “rules” that Christians follow. They don’t understand that God hates the things that hurt you. The things that he wants us to stop doing are the things that will ultimately hurt us. Listen as Pastor Jim further explains these and other big life questions.
Turn, Turn, Turn: Wisdom about Time- Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
06/07/2015 |
Are you struggling in a difficult season in life? Are you in the midst of success or feel you’re at a peak and want to maximize this awesome time? In this part of our Life Over the Sun Series, we look at some wise words about handling both types of seasons. Most importantly, we learn that satisfaction doesn’t come from the seasons of life. It comes from the Savior.
The Emptiness of Religion - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
05/31/2015 |
The current generation entering adulthood is tired of empty, religious systems. Some studies say that the next generation may even be the least religious generation that we’ve seen in a while, because they have realized that religion by itself will get them nothing. Religion, to many, has become a set of rules to restrain us. Using the book of Ecclesiastes in chapter 5, Pastor Jim explains how instead, through Christ, we have been set free.
Three Ways to Look at People - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
05/24/2015 |
In Ecclesiastes chapter 4, Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, explains some ways to look at our relationships. How should we develop our friendships? How do we deal with our foes and where do those come from? Envy and competition play a bigger role than we realize in even turning friends into foes. Listen as Pastor Jim elaborates on what lessons we can learn about keeping good friends, and being one ourselves in this next part of our series, Life Over the Sun.
A Sincere Faith - Mother's Day Sermon
05/14/2015 |
The most important parenting you will ever do has nothing to do with your status as a parent, or even a non-parent. It depends on your spiritual life. Spiritual parenting and passing on a sincere faith are things we choose to do, or not do, every day, in every relationship we have, by either directing people closer to Christ, or further from him, by how we treat them. We ought to be passing on a sincere faith to those we may parent, to our families, to the people around us, and to the people we have influence over, whatever our connection to them may be. Listen as Pastor Jim explains how we can do that every day, in this special Mother’s Day sermon, that anyone can learn from.
The Emptiness of Wealth - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
05/03/2015 |
Our world is driven by the capitalistic dollar-it’s not just about making money, but making more money. You probably haven’t gone through a day without being exposed to having more money or possessions. Through our lives, we chase money. There is value to wealth, because God created wealth and us to place value on certain things, but it becomes a problem when it overshadows more important things in life. Many of us fear poverty, but there can be just as much sickness in the pursuit of possessions and wealth. Maybe you think none of that applies to you, but listen as Pastor Jim explains how deeply the problem goes, and the emptiness of wealth, without God’s purposes to utilize it correctly.
The Emptiness of Pleasure - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
04/26/2015 |
King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes discusses his search for purpose in life. One thing he discovered is that the meaning of life is not to be found in pleasures. Does that mean that God doesn’t like pleasure, or not want us to have any? Of course not! But even the things in life that we enjoy, even the purest, simplest things, like laughter or fun, are not meant to be the goal of our lives, or our days. Instead of constantly living for or looking forward to the pleasures we enjoy, listen as Pastor Jim explains a better way to live, and about greater pleasures God has to offer that are richer than anything in this life.
The Emptiness of Knowledge - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
04/19/2015 |
Solomon, the king of Israel, was given an incredible opportunity that few have ever had. Not only was he king of the most powerful, vast country of his time period, but God offered him anything he desired. Unlike what many of us might have said, he asked God for wisdom to lead such a great nation, knowing he wasn’t smart enough on his own to know it all. His intellect was way more impressive than his wealth. So why, as one of the wisest men that may have ever lived, did he write in the book of Ecclesiastes, that “wisdom is a chasing after the wind”? In the second part of our “Life Over the Sun Series,” Pastor Jim explains “The Emptiness of Knowledge” under the sun, versus the knowledge that is priceless.
Searching for the Meaning of Life - Life Over the Sun Series
Jim Campbell |
04/12/2015 |
Does your life ever feel meaningless, or do you ever find yourself wishing, “If only I had more…”? If you could have everything in the world you could ever want, and ruled the most powerful country of your time, would you finally think that you had it all, or would something still be missing? The book of Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon, the wisest, richest, and most powerful man on the planet, but what did he learn from it? Was he really satisfied? We'll be looking at each of those important life questions in our series "Life OVER the Sun," starting today!
Triumph of the Resurrection - Triumph Series
04/05/2015 |
Christ’s death on the cross was a completely different triumph from His Resurrection. While death may not seem like a triumph to us, we learned last week in the first part of our Triumph Series, how it was, and how it set the stage for the ultimate triumph: Christ’s Resurrection. Listen as Pastor Jim explains how this triumph can revolutionize how Christians live daily, not just because we have been saved, but how every moment in our lives can be a triumph over death and sin, and we can live joyful, victorious lives because of Christ.
Triumph of the Cross - Triumph Series
Jim Campbell |
03/29/2015 |
In the world, we want to win, but sometimes it almost seems like life itself is against us. Success is just out of our reach and even when we do reach what we thought was the finish line of the race, we find that the finish line has moved. That's just one finish line, because every area of our lives has a finish line of its own, a mountain to climb or a goal to attain. How can we keep up? In this mini-series, "Triumph," we realize that God has already done the work for us to win, and we see how that specific work through His Son Jesus, clears up a lot of the uncertainty in our lives and shows us how the victory, that He finished eons ago, can lead us today to Triumph.

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