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    Glad you are here

    Bay West Church is a caring congregation that welcomes everyone. We want you to discover the joy that we share when we come together to worship God in spirit and in truth. If you are planning to visit on a Sunday morning, here are some hints to help you find your way around and know what to expect.  At Bay West, we actually don't want you to just COME to church, we want you to BE the church.

  • Guest?

    Glad you are here

    One of our core values is that we love and value EVERY person, regardless of your story.  Where you are skeptically seeking or seriously looking to plug in, we want to help you take one step closer to Christ from where you are today.  We aren't trying to look like something we aren't, but we are willing to allow Christ to work in our lives, and we would love to have you journey with us.


    If you come to one of our services, make sure to drop by our First Impressions Area, off to the left of the worship center to meet Jim after the service and pick up a free gift, as well as other info on our church.

  • Worship

    Be here.  Among friends.  Your part.

    The first part of the "Bay Way" is that you Be here at worship.  Bay West Church is a caring congregation that welcomes everyone. We want you to discover the joy that we share when we come together to worship God in spirit and in truth.

    11:00 am


  • Children

    Finding family. Following Jesus.

    At Bay West Church, our KIDzone ninjas are focused on loving your children, keeping them safe and helping them to know the truth of Jesus, so their lives (and yours, as parents) can be enriched throughout the week, not just on Sundays.  We want them to know that Jesus loves them, He wants to be their friend and they can trust Him with their lives forever.

  • Location

    Making disciples here and everywhere for the glory of God.

    Bay West is a loving community.  We are just who we are, but serious about following God without pretense, as best we can.  Three things about Sundays...


    • Unapologetically Biblical teaching
    • Friendly people, here to grow, not impress
    • KIDzone to put your kids in the zone.

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  • Current Sermon Series::Join us::What if you could have everything and anything in the world you could want?  What if you also were the wisest person on the planet?  What if you ruled the most dominant country of your time period as well?  What would the combination of that type of power, riches and wisdom yield...would you finally think that you had it all?
  • June 22-26::VBS::Journey off the Map:Unknown to us, know to Him.  Register now! Spaces fill up fast!
  • Bring your family::Movie and Food::Saturday, May 9 at 8:30 PM.  See you there!
  • The Ultimate Day Camp::WinShape::Coming June 8-12.
  • Join Us::May 17::For Church in the Park.  A great time of worship and fellowship.  Bring a dish to share!
  • Hey Parents::Need a little help starting a fam devotion?::Here is a list of resources that we recommended during a recent series
  • Mom's Encouragement Time::Join Us::Come out and meet other Moms and enjoy some encouragement during this important time in your life.  We'll learn about what God has for us as Moms and have some fun and
  • Want to find out::more stuff?::Our campus pastor, Jim Campbell, periodically shares thoughts, Biblical notes, extra sermon study, vision/direction and other things in his blog.